Classes & Coaching – 4 Types of Coaching Classes

There are a variety of coaching classes available on the internet depending on various factors like the number of students and the web technologies involved.

o Individual or group: Individual coaching involves a one on one coaching for the student. There are many websites that help students to find tutors to solve their personal queries on a specific subject like Maths, Physics or Chemistry. The tutor may bid for the assignment and the student can select the best tutor. In other cases of online coaching, one facilitator handles a group of students who have enrolled for the course. This type of a group course can be conducted via email, website or a webinar. Examples include courses for marketing, and software usage.

o One way or interactive: One way coaching means the tutor or the expert delivers the contents and is not concerned with the learning of the student. Usually such courses are in the form of pre-packaged e-books which can be downloaded from the tutor’s website. The tutor has no responsibility to answer the queries of the students. On the other hand, in an interactive coaching class, students can discuss their questions with the trainer and get them answered. The interactivity can be provided through email or text chat. Most online coaching classes have some elements of interactivity.

o Offline or online: Offline coaching is asynchronous which means there is no real time interaction between the student and the teacher. The teacher will either send the course via email or publish the course on his website. The student will then have to go through the course whenever he has the time. Many online distance learning courses offered by universities are conducted in this manner. On the contrary, online coaching involves the physical presence of all the students and the teacher at the same time. The teacher conducts the class via web seminar or video conference and students can directly interact with the teacher. Most of the university contact classes are conducted in this manner.

o Short time or Long term: Many online courses are short term courses which get completed in one or two sessions. These are easy to create and deliver. Many of them are delivered over email or through the website. Long term courses on the contrary can stretch for weeks or months. They require elaborate planning and coordination. Many times, the course is started even when all the modules are not yet developed. Long term courses are a lucrative option for coaches to make money online.

You can choose any option depending on your expertise and the needs of your target market.