Is This the Easiest Way to Learn Guitar Under the Sun?

Ok, this all depends on the angle that you decide to look at it. For the people that are naturally music inclined, it would be easy. But for those that are not, it might not be so easy. Despite this difference, guitar is really not as easy or as hard as people may think.

Think back to the day that you came across a guitar for the first time, what went through your mind? Bet it was something like, “boy! Is that a cool instrument or what?” Regardless what you thought, guitar playing is what it is.

If one takes it as being difficult, then that is exactly what it is going to be. But if they take it as being easy, then that is what it will be. To take this a step further, let us look at the two separately.

Guitar is Difficult

The one surprising thing that you might come across, if you have not already, is the fact that some people want to learn guitar without having to deal with everything that comes with it. Things like learning tabs, chords, notes, the fret board, practice techniques and the list goes on.

Learning Tabs

If you want to play the guitar but don’t want to learn to read guitar music, it would be wise to know your tabs. After all, how do you expect to know what you are doing on your guitar if you can’t read tabs.

Chords and Notes

Then there are the rare few that think they can magically skip learning or knowing the chords and notes. How can one play the guitar if they do not know what A flat (Ab ) or A sharp (A#) are. Playing the guitar is not a magic trick, hence it deserves it due diligence.

Fret Board

Now tell me, who has ever heard of playing the guitar without the fret board? No one I bet, unless there is a guitar out there that has no fret board then I guess that the people that are avoiding learning their frets have a big chance of learning guitar the easy way.

Practice and Practice Methods

Each and every person knows that practice is one of the requirements for improving at anything. You can’t expect to get better at playing the guitar by simply looking at the instrument days on end. That just won’t cut it. You need to do your part as a guitar player.

Guitar is Easy

If you are nothing like the guys in the above scenarios, then you have nothing to worry about. By the way, the things mentioned above are not the only things that are needed to learn the guitar, there are many more.

The only thing that you need to be armed with is the desire to put in all the effort and learn some or all the cardinal things needed to be a guitar player. Then and only then will you be closer to having the guitar easy to learn.

Unfortunately there are way more things that you need to know about when it comes to playing the guitar. It was not possible to put them all down here.