Completing CompTIA A+ Courses

Having a CompTIA A+ certification is a must if you are trying to have a career as a computer support technician. In order to have this certification you need to be able to pass the CompTia A+ exam. This is part of the corporations like Microsoft, Novell, and HP. Having this certification proves that you are capable of installing, troubleshoots, networking, and protecting computers.

Since you will be a computer support technician, you will be doing this to other people’s computers and need to be well skilled and highly trained. There are even some companies that have made having this certification necessary for service technicians and you won’t be able to work without it. You have to take 2 exams in order to get the CompTIA A+ Certification, CompTia A+ Essential’s exam 220-701 and Practical Application exam 220-702.

You may not be sure that you are able to pass the test. You might need to refresh your memory on some of the information. For this reason there are CompTia A+ Courses you can take to provide you with all the information needed to pass the exams. CompTia A+ Courses can be taken anywhere from 1-12 months and you need at least 1-12 months experience with computers in order to take the test to become certified CompTia A+ Courses provide you with all the knowledge needed to pass the exam, get the certification, do the work and even provides you with knowledge on some computer based programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Over 700,000 people have become CompTia A+ Certified since the program was created in 1993. After taking and passing the exam you will have the skills and certification necessary to become an entry level IT worker and you will have 500 hours of experience under your belt also if you take the CompTia A+ Courses before examination.