Know About Pharmacy Technician Exam

Are you aware! If you want to earn Certification in Pharmacy, you must appear and clear Pharmacy Technician Exam. But, why certification is so important for Pharmacy Technician? How, he/she will be benefited by obtaining Certification? An individual, who is planning to peruse career in Pharmacy field must obtain PTCB Certification for better job opportunities, higher salary and extensive knowledge about medications.

Pharmacy Technicians are these professionals, who are trained for different types of pharmacy works, including assisting pharmacist in prescription making, measure right drugs, offer safe and efficient service to customers, make customers wise about use and misuse of the medications, drug effects on the body, inter drug reactions with each other, look after cash counters, carry on different types of administrative duties and perform numerous other pharmacy related functions.

For working in a Pharmacy, it is not necessary to complete any type of formal education, possession of school diploma is sufficient to avail the pharmacy job. But, it is also important to remember that, without Certification or non-availing of any diploma, degree and certificate in this field, your better job prospect and higher salary earning is hindered. If you are really keen to brighten your career in Pharmacy field and desire for lucrative salary then, you must earn the certification provided by PTCB.

PTCB certification can be obtained by passing the exam administered by PTCB. This exam is basically prepared to test the competency evaluation of a Pharmacy Technician. The skills needed in actual carrying out of safe customer and patient services are evaluated through the exam.

The basic features of PTCB exam can be summed up as follows:

1. Total 140 multi choice questions are offered to a candidate, which include scoring and non scoring questions.

2. 125 questions are scoring and rests 15 are none scoring.

3. Candidate need to answer all questions for better scoring.

4. None scoring questions help in future exam and quality test.

5. Every question has 4 answer options, where only one answer is correct.

6. Total score are calculated on the numbers of the questions answered right.

7. PTCB test has 3 hours duration.

If you are also aiming to start your career in Pharmacy sector then, you must pass PTCB exam and earn certification for better employment opportunities.